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Here are the guild ethics:

1. No multi-attacking(that's 2 attacks and above)

2. No attacking of allied guilds or NAPs(always check the description of the mage you are attacking)

3. No attacking of guildmates(obvious)

4. No random spelling/iteming(these actions are considered acts of war If a guild is hunting you for such actions, we will not help you cos what you did has already violated the guild laws.)

5. No offensive language(always remain courteous and polite. We are a guild of honour and reason. Even if the other mage uses such language, we do not sink to their level.)

6. No member is to be a member of another guild(this is a new rule. The only exception to this rule is the Council of Comrades. Our members can be both of TD and CoC. Pls note that this is because one of CoC's old guard is also me, and their guild leader is my personal good friend. CoC is currently disbanded but it will be ressurected sometime next year. ;-)

Guild norms(things we want you to do without putting it in the guild rules)

1. Always refer to your captain. They are chosen for their experience.

2. If you wish to quit the guild/archmage/account or was killed off, send a message to your captain and our guildleader. This way, we can update our lists.

3. Be active, take part actively. When your captain gives you targets, hit them according to what he says.

Pelleon The Defenders Old Guard of The Defenders Founder of The Defenders Captain of Strike Force

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2001


maybe i can abide to your rules of not multi-attacking persons but for saying harsh words to my opponent, I can't control myself if I'm at the right side of my own ideology and for me,there's is nothing wrong about it...so sorry if I'm too nasty member!!!!

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2001

uh..as this thread is quite old i dunno whether i will get a response anot but who is my leader??

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2001

I too do not really know who my leader is - or what to expect. I just joined this guild and am fairly new at this.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2001

Once we get the member list finalised, we will assign each member with a squad. Be patient. It's still early in the reset.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2001

so ummm, could we have squads now? btw, my name still isn't on the list either. How many members do we have? I also need a good white stacking. I'm going with Dom, AA, Mindripper, Uni, and Knight Templars for now. Can someone give me a hint as to how i should change it to get a good attacking stack? I only have a good defensive stack but i want to change it to attacking to gain more land. What is a good stacking for attacks? Right now, i disband all my dom. when attacking and summon a whole bunch of pegasus to gain more power but its almost the same effect. What should i do?

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2001

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