Westminster 2001

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Well, Westminster is Monday & Tuesday, with shih tzu being judged on Monday and the toy group will be judged Monday night. We get it televised Monday and Tuesday night here in the US. Do other countries get televised Westminster? Just asking because I know we also get televised Crufts here as well as the World Dog Show.

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2001


Hi Susan! You get more coverage of dog shows than we do - Crufts only for us I`m afraid. I wish we did get the other two!

What is your coverage of Crufts like? Is it the BBC`s programmes? I always find they are very frustrating for show folk. I guess the programmers aim their coverage at the general public, which is understandable, but I`d love to see a bit more in depth coverage. I always think that there should be one programme at least which shows the line up for the challenge in each breed.

Have you ever thought of coming over for Crufts Susan, as a spectator? (:o)

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2001

BTW - what are your predictions for the Westminster? Gilbert must surely be in the running - having had another fantastic year.(:o)

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2001

Well, I dont know what BBC's coverage is like , but it sounds similar! We have several dog shows on TV thanks to our all animal channel, but as you say, its more geared towards the average pet owner and can be frustrating. It just shows groups and BIS, but often to save time they omit some breeds in the TV broadcast, quite frustrating when you've been watching for over an hour and they dont mention or show your breed! Westminster coverage is a little better, but still... One of the commentators is very good and a long time breeder/exhibitor, but the other one is a football commentator and since his contract says he gets to commentate all sporting events (this isnt on the all animal channel) he gets to be there and he's not very dogsmart at all! Yes, Joey is definitely in the running (GKahns dog). I'm not sure how familiar yall are with Westminster week here, but the week prior to Westminster (this week) is full of specialties in New York. One of the most prestigous being the Progressive Toy Dog Club, a show just for toy breeds. It was held yesterday and I havent confirmed this but have been told that Joey did win this. As you can imagine, the competition at these shows is much like Westminster. I'd love to go watch Crufts one day!!! Of course, I'd love to go watch Westminster in person one day too :) New York is a very long ways from here, about an 18 hour car ride, and a very expensive place to be during Westminster week, but one day.....

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2001

Well, I've confirmed Joey did win the Progressive Toy Dog Club show yesterday. A shih tzu handled by Dianne Eircht also went best puppy in show, but I dont know which shih tzu this was. An interesting side note for you "Brits" :) is that the rumored shoe in for BIS at Westminster is the Kerry Blue imported from England and a Crufts winner.

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2001

Thaks for the info Susan - I can see Gilbert going on and getting BIS at Westminster. Mind you, what`s not to like about Joey! He is a lovely dog. At the New Jersey National Gilbert was exhibiting two puppies that he was very excited about and very kindly let me go over them. I couldn`t fault them in any respect, and they had the most perfect mouths I have ever seen. Good luck to him! (:o)

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2001

Yes, at Nationals this past summer in St Louis there were some VERY nice puppies being shown that were the repeat of the breeding that produced Joey. I was very taken by them. And it wasnt a matter of being "starstruck" because of their big brother's fame, as I didnt realize that they were the repeat of him until later when I was marking my catalog. There is also another dog that was shown for a while after being a CH that was a full brother to Joey. I like him ALOT. In fact, I must admit, I think I like him more than Joey. This brother is CH Symaruns Salutations. I've seen him in motion but will say I havent put my hands on him. Of course same goes for Joey, I've seen him in the ring but not gone over him.

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2001

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