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Does anyone know where I can buy a Harrison changing tent? How does the Shadow Box, which I see in B&H, compare? Thanks.

-- Raven (mtand13@netreach.net), February 09, 2001


http://www.cameraessentials.com/catalog2.htm. Sorry I can't help with the second question. I've heard good things about both brands. I'm currently using the Jobo tent and am happy with it except for its packed size.

-- Ron Landucci (ron@proformasystems.com), February 09, 2001.

Harrisons are the superior product... lighter weight and more working room

-- Glenn Kroeger (gkroeger@trinity.edu), February 09, 2001.


-- Larry Huppert (Larry.Huppert@mail.com), February 09, 2001.

I've just got myself a Calumet - it is VERY GOOD!! It is a "cube" design which folds flat and comes in a carry case. It may not be as "sophisticated " as the harrison, but IMHO it is better value when compared to their price here in U.K.

-- paul owen (paulowen_2000@yahoo.com), February 10, 2001.

I've never used a Harrison but I've used the Shadow Box and liked it a lot. It was a little complicated to fold back up the first couple times but easy after that and when folded it took up very little space. I doubt that you could go very far wrong with either brand.

-- Brian Ellis (bellis60@earthlink.net), February 10, 2001.

I recently went through this purchasing decision. As you noted, the Shadow Box can be bought at B&H, the Harrison at Lens and Repro in NYC (lensandrepro.com). With the Shadow Box you get a few more cubic inches, has a slightly larger footprint and bit more height. The Shadow Box triple lined, the Harrison, double lined. Shadow box was about $75 more and didn't fold as compact as the Harrsion. All in all, they seemed very similar to me so I went cheaper and works just fine. I am sure i would have been happy with either of them.

-- Lyle Allan (lallan@worldnet.att.net), February 12, 2001.

Last phone number I have for Pat Harrison -Harrison Changing Bags is 323-662-8709

They have a small office on Hyperion in Silverlake, a neighborhood of Los Angeles. Last time I was there was in 1999. Great bags. Lots of space. I've never seen or heard of any better. I've got two. One larger and older and one for travel. The older one must be 15 years old. Also for international travel, the bags are great. They allow the custom inspector to ude one of the arms to feel the film. Another photographer I know who travels and shoots 4x5 had Pat make him one with a third aem hold just for custom inspectors. Contact me if you can't reach her business with the above number. I'll stop over on my way to the videostore. Will

-- William Nettles (nettles@wgn.net), September 16, 2001.

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