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Recently I found a link on the internet for a source that will supply the 1.3v mercury batteries (about $5 a piece, I believe). I am curious if anyone has ever tried a source like that, if so, did it work out...?


-- jwoodson (, February 09, 2001


I bought a few via eBay and it worked out.

The only US prohibition is in SELLING them. Not importing or shipping or having or using.

-- Terry Carraway (, February 09, 2001.

I've heard from several different Canon FD users that the Wein Mrb625 cell 1.35v zinc-air (px625/13) (commonly referred to as the "Wein zinc-air") has no mecury and provides the correct voltage to canon cameras needing the 1.35 volt button cell (like the Canon TX or FTb or F-1 or some of the canonets). I have not yet tried one myself but have heard good reports from other Canon FD users. My local camera shop wants something like $9 for one. I found them much cheaper ($3.95) at B&H Photo in NY (a long existing, reputable professional photo supply house). However, the minimum shipping charge is something like $6 or $8. So the next time I place a larger order I plan on purchasing about 4 of them. I'm on my last mercury cell between two cameras that use it. I hear Wein claims that the uninstalled shelf life of its battery is 10 years. I've also purchased film from B&H at almost half the price of my local shop too.

You might want to check local photo stores for it too. Good luck.

Here is the direct link to the battery at B&H: FNC=ProductActivator__Aattributelist_html___437___96457___WE625___REG_ __SID=E50DAFA30C2

But if that long address gets garbled, go to B&H's catalog:

and search for B&H item number WE625

-- Martin Egna (, February 22, 2001.

The problem with the Wein cells is the fairly short life (normally 6 months or so) and that once put into use, the life span is calendar time, not based on usage.

You can increase the life by taking them out of the camera when not in use, and putting a piece of tape over the holes.

-- Terry Carraway (, February 23, 2001.

I recently learned about the WEIN PX625 batteries and picked one up for $3.95 + shipping from Arrived as promised in a few days. I also got camera tools from them - great selection. Shipping was about $5, so order lots.

One weird note, my remaining mercury battery registers 1.45 volts where the WEIN registers the specified 1.35 volts. Both move the meter to the same location though.

-- Rob McMillan (, February 27, 2001.

I am a new (old) F-1 owner and recently had to address the 1.35V mercury cell question. Found three sources for these batteries, bought some from each. All arrived quickly and transaction was fair. Prices ranged from $6 each plus shipping ($2 for several cells in a package) to $10 each (shipping included). Two sources sent batteries without brand name, country made, or freshness. One sent Varta batteries made in Germany. I found them doing a Google search. If you need urls send me an email. Don

-- Don Boyd (, February 14, 2002.

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