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The HP Marketing website announced the "new Linhof Kardan M" in november 1999 ; when I compared the specs and especially the picture on the website, it appeared to be a Kardan E under a new name(

But nowadays, B&H photo sells them both; the E model at a substantially higher price. What's going on here? Linhof's own website doesn't even list the model M.

-- Stefan Geysen (, February 09, 2001


You might try calling Ken Hanson, a photo equipment dealer in NYC ( 212 317 0923). I am told they stopped carrying the new Karden- M because they found it far inferior to other Linhofs. It is a deal that might really be too good to be true.


-- David Goldes (, February 09, 2001.

No they are identical. Except for the letter designation.

They are also basically the same as the JBL except for the newer rail shape.

And Ken hansen sells all Linhof's - including the M. But he sells more Technias and TKs.

-- Bob Salomon (, February 09, 2001.

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