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I followed the following steps to create a CD-R VCD:

1. Captured video to AVI file using ATI all in wonder Raedon. 2. Used VirtualDub to deinterlace and resize. 3. Used AVI2VCD to encode AVI file to MPEG file. 4. Burned MPEG file to CD-R.

Disc will not play in my Panasonic DVD-A120. The manual lists discs that will NOT play in the player, including CD-R.

Am I correct in concluding that it is my DVD player that will not play the VCD that I created?

What is the difference between VCD and CD-R anyways?

-- Curt Wvong (, February 09, 2001


You are correct in concluding that your Panasonic will NOT read CD-R, whether that is audio or VCD you created. Panasonic is one of those major electronic consumer manufacturers, who even at this late stage of third- and fourth-generation DVD set-tops (because of some agenda that isn't even public let alone clear), still absolutely and resolutely refuse to come out with models that can read CD-R/RW reliably. That they are where and who they are is only because people like U and me buy their products. If I were U I'll do something drastic like finding out where Panasonic HQ is in the city where U are, bringing that DVD player there, and in their lobby, in front of possible powers-that-be, split it with an axe to drive home our point. There are other ways of changing/disposing your player, of course, but few are as dramatic.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, February 10, 2001.

Try Cd-RW from memorex they work in my Panasonic A120

-- JD (, August 24, 2001.

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