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This one is taken advantage by converting a color normally, then combo another one, then quickly taking it back and converting it again. This then becomes something similar to an all-clear that you see every 10 levels. See the #1 -sm magdrop3 recording for visual detail.

I vote aye to ban this technique pronto. This is on the editors board.


-- Anonymous, February 08, 2001


I'm undecided on this one, I think it's a trick that the game intendeded to be a part of game play even though it allows you to clear the screen you can only take advantage of major points by watching how the chain progresses and to add additional chains at the right time. I could go either way, but i think it doesn't make things infinitley easy to get a high score.

I could only get the survival hard recording to playback to 5388404.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2001

I'm undecided on this issue too... I haven't played enough Magical Drop to know if this is a game-breaking technique or not.

And I could only get it to playback to the same score that it did for Skito.


-- Anonymous, February 14, 2001

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