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George's Brain: "Hmmm... time for me to do my routine. I suppose I could just talk straight to the audience, crack a few jokes, have some fun with it, like Robert used to do. Naw, our audience is a bunch of dumb hillbilly kids, they're too stupid to understand me if I did that. I know! I'll do my Hee-Haw routine! Those dumb grease monkeys eat that stuff up, they'll love it!"

George's Mouth: "Yee haw! Howdy there, Lil' junkyard doggies!"

-- Eric (, February 08, 2001


George's Brain: Hmmmmm, I'm getting paid $$$ for this..........

-- John Gap (, February 08, 2001.

George's brain: "Hmmmmm... I bet some guy named Eric wishes he were me so he could do a good job following in Robert's shoes."

-- (, February 08, 2001.

Let it go. Euther we audition or stop complaining. Host Vs. Presenter sheesh.

-- Stephen A. Binion (, February 08, 2001.

Eric's Brain: "Hmmm... I should really put together a team and apply for JYW. I love to build stuff!"

Eric's Hands: "Hah hah! Now, while he's distracted, I'll strip out these threads!"

Eric's Brain: "D'Oh!!!"

Eric's Hands: "Hee hee! Now I'll fumble this one-of-a-kind shoulder screw and drop it on the floor."

Eric's Brain: "@#**%$%!!!"

Eric's Mouth: "@#**%$%!!!"

Eric's Foot: "...and I'll just kick it across the room where he'll never find it!"

Eric's Brain: "That does it! I've had it! I'm going to go whine about George on the JYW board instead!"

-- Eric (, February 09, 2001.

Talk, Talk, Talk......

-- John Gap (, February 09, 2001.

Hey Eric when they gonna let you out of that funny coat & put ya back in your little rubber room?

-- Rick The Rocket (, February 09, 2001.

Hehe, George is funny.

-- Viper Rex (, February 12, 2001.

MY GOD PPL??? How can anyone think this new host it good??? He (sorry man) realy is bad at this. He is nothing comparied the old host. Man he makes me want to change the chanle, it worse that watching the weather chanel when the weather man is high. (sorry Geroge)

-- Fred Lyons (, February 13, 2001.

I would watch tree years of George before I would read one more sentence of your mis-spelled, posts.

-- John Gap (, February 13, 2001.

Oh, by the way...."Tree years" are like dog years. Actually it was supposed to be "three".

-- John Gap (, February 13, 2001.

stop bitchin' about george, i like him...what the hell is the point of having scrapheap AND junkyard if they are exactly the same? and i do like robert too, ive been watching red dwarf since i was six and he does a great job of presenting scrapheap, and george does a great job of presenting junkyard.

-- monkeynuts (, May 05, 2001.

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