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I am 5'8". 150lbs, and have been working out for three years, but cant seem to get bigger. I should mention that I do trialthons. and always do cardio. Should I quit doing cardio? what is the best approach for a thin guy to put on mass?

-- jay navas (, February 08, 2001


I think it's quite obvious tat cardio and weights work in opposition to each other. It is best to limit cardio activity if you are trying to gain weight. But if cardio sports is what you like best, I suggest you leave mass gaining aside. Afterall, doing what you like best makes you a happier person!

-- Ryan (, February 18, 2001.

if you are trying to gain mass you should not play other physical sports that much dont try to tire youself out like that just get your prtien and workout very very hard work out to failure have atleast six small meals a day and drink alot of water make sure that all your meals contain good amount of protien it contain 50g per meal. Abd go as heavy as you can.

-- muuuuuuuuuuuhammad (, June 05, 2001.

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