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I've been really active in the AME church for about 5 years now and have come to realize that the members of my church say that want us (younger members of the church) to become more active and learn the AME way. Once we recieve knowledge of our history and present responsibilty they reject us and put us to the side as if there's a fight over position. I've come to find out that they want to get the credit of pushing you out there but do not want to recieve the information that we report back. My pastor is very supportive and is very strong in his belief and the ame doctrine. They have started to reject him now because they want things their way not the (ame way). They want a little bit of baptist, a little bit of cogic, a little bit of every denomanaton except ame. " BUT THEY LIKE THE OFFICE TITLES THE AME OFFERS TO IT PROSPECTIVE LEADER" How can I help with out being out casted by this congregation. My Pastor full support me and other members who is seeking for the truth, but as you know they are lying, decieving and making plans to get him move. Please give advise....Member of the 8th dist. NEW conference.

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2001


Moving your pastor is up to your Bishop (with input from your Presiding Elder), not the members. Sounds like it is time for your pastor to make some officer changes to be sure your church is operated as an AME Church. The other denomination influences you mention have seeped over into "our" churches here lately, the bottom line is what is acceptable to the membership? Stay strong, don't leave your church, try to make a difference. Blessings and Prayers

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2001

Perhaps you have been placed there by God for the specific purpose of helping to bring this church back to the way of God. God never makes mistakes and you are where you are by the will of God. Study the life of Queen Ester (The Book of Ester) while focusing on how God used Ester to save His people. Study the life of Joseph, how he sacrificed his life for the good of the Children of Israel. Blessings Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2001

Sister Truddle,

I believe that the distress that you are experiencing is because too many christians in the church are walking by the flesh and not the Spirit. I am convinced that if any church would earnestly seek to submit to the Holy Spirit that God would put everybody on one accord. I am learning from the scripture that the apostle said " But I say walk by the Spirit and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh, for the flesh sets its desire against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh, for these are in opposition to one another so that you may do the things you please" If we would walk by the Spirit, we would have success every time.


-- Anonymous, February 08, 2001

Sister Tuttle:

I am going to be very blunt and honest with you. There are people in every AME church who are so proud of being AME Officers that they forget to be AME's and more over forget to be christians. If you precieve that there is a movement affot to get your pastor moved you are probably correct. While yes it is ultimately the bishops decesion if a pastor is moved, such a movement is by nature corosive to any church body. Once the people will no longer follow the appointed shepard his effectivenes is lost and he must be moved. The problem that this creates is one can no longer lead under these circumstances. The next pastor will not be able to lead the fact for fear that of he hurts the wrong feelings he too will be moved. Until your church decides if they want to be a church or a social club that does church like things you will continue to have the same conflicts that are present.

But you personally have another problem. The AME Church is an institution in which youth and innovation are not valued. Yes, through lip service the church will state that young people need to be involved because they are the church of the future. This means exactly that. You are seen as the church of the future, meaning not until after we are gone. While we are hear you will remain the church of the future and on the sidelines of the church of today. That can be upsetting to a person who wants to be a part of the works of the body of Christ now.

As for advise I say to you be strong and stay in prayer because this too shall pass. Support your pastor and do what you believe in. Yes you may become an outcast but it is far better to be an outcast and get to heaven than to be silent and follow a crowd into hell.

The Mole

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2001 you say that the other members who in your church want to be like the other there freedom in the influence which they displaying? Meaning a move of God present? Is His spirit moving and lives are being changed, deliverance taken place, demons being casted out, bodies are healed, the anointing flowing throughout the church, or is there a display of old dried out dead religion. TRADITION. See we the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ are living in the the last days as described in Joel chapter 2. See, there is a famine in the land, a hunger for the Word of God. If they see other demoninations in the freedom, they realize, that they are dry and thirsty. When people are thristy and hungry for the move of God, they will do anything to get it. Desperate people will do desperate things. When you get hungry people for the move of God in one place....WATCH OUT!!!! Nobody's caring about doctrine or church all they care is about the ANOINTING! I grew up AME Zion,(even though my daddy is an Apostolic Elder) but in 1992 left to go Holiness (back to Apostolic) now I am back in Zion, not to sit and take in the current work, tradition, but to witness first hand a mighty wind, that is about to blow in this demonination. Guess what??? The AME Church will experience the wind, you must be ready. God is not leaving any of His churches out in this new wave of the anointing. If those people who are have come from other churches teaching thus saith the Lord, okay, accept the teaching...WHOM THE SON SET FREE IS FREE INDEED. However, if they are operating in a spirit of rebellion, which is witchcraft, Paul speaks of this in Galations chapter 5 and Revelations chapter 2, then, get those persons out, because they will destroy the church. Whether or not you accept the outpouring of God's anointing, with or without your permission, or the consent of the bishops, IT SHALL COME TO PASS. God is doing a "new thing and it shall spring forth."

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2001

That's what's lacking in the Body today, love for doctrine.  People say "Doctrine divides" bet it does, and it should.  Be assured, we are sure to be deceived by the devil and error if we aren't established in the word and essential Christian doctrine (The Deity of Christ, His death burial and resurrection, Virgin birth, the Trinity etc.)  I love the anointing, I love praising Him openly with my hands lifted, blessing Him in tongues and all the other great things, but knowing doctrine gives me added depth where I have a better idea of what I'm shouting about.  I love the dessert of the anointing, but I must have the 'ox tails and cornbread' of doctrine.

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2001

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