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Ok, this is rather Long..But I felt it neccasary since so many just don't get it. They don't read the Faqs so they clutter the boards. So please.if you have not done so this carefully before posting ideas.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: I have a great idea that I’d love to see on Junkyard Wars! What should I do? A: Great! We all want to hear about it! First, have you thought it out a little? Junkyard Wars / Scrapheap Challenge is an educational and entertaining show. The producers are always on the lookout for new ideas. The purpose of this FAQ is to avoid repetitive and poorly thought out ideas from cluttering up the discussion group. Here are some basic questions to ask yourself before proposing an idea. Can it be built in 10 hours? Are there physics/engineering principles that can be illustrated by the creation? Can it be safely built with scrap? Are there at least two ways of building the creation? Very important -- will it be entertaining? Don't be totally put off that somthing may not be available in a normal junkyard. This is a special junkyard where critical pieces can be found if need be! As long as the main creation is made with scrap, a few necessary extras can mysteriously find their way into the junkyard. Examples are rocket engines, propellers, steam engines and boilers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: What has been built in the past? A: If you want to see synopses of all the previous shows, take a look at The NERDS' episode guide. If you don’t feel like reading, here is a quick list.

Hovercraft/Catapults/Power pullers (tug of war for vehicles) Diving helmets/air source/Off-road vehicles/Rockets/ Gliders (manned)/Cannons/Land Yachts (sailing wheeled vehicles) Amphibious vehicles/High milage vehicles/ Underwater salvage (lift a mini from under water to a parking lot) Walking machines (no wheels)/Demolition machines/ Windmills/Bombers (Radio Control blimp vs. plane)/Mini-submarines/ Bridging machine (vehicle + bridge)/Steam powered cars/ Mowing machines/Fireboats/Dragsters/Power boats/Car Crushers Some of these have been used more than once in slightly different forms. Don’t bother suggesting them in their base form. If you have some ideas about how to modify the challenge to make it educational and entertaining, by all means, bring it up! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: What has been suggested but not used? A: This isn’t a definitive list, but it is an overview of the most common suggestions Trains (powered by people/engines/steam) Cranes, lifting equipment (build a pyramid?) Diggers, dig a hole, remove a pile of dirt, extract some object from the ground… Sailboats Firetrucks Tanks (vehicle plus projectile launcher)Musical Instruments (play the show’s theme?) Drilling rig (probably not a real entertaining competition) Stair climbing machine/Pole climbing machine Hydroplane/Hydrofoil/Golf ball launcher/hitter/Boring machine Cable car (lot of infrastructure needed, possibly too long) Sawmill Water powered machine of some sort (e.g. sawmill) Propeller powered cars (a variation of hovercraft and the amphibious vehicles shows)Kinetically powered vehicles springs/weights/flywheels) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: My idea was already suggested, but I want to talk about it! Should I ask questions? A: By all means! The discussion group loves fleshing out good ideas. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: I think it would neat to see them build computers from scrap! A: Go down to your local used computer store and watch them do it. You may find it interesting, but most people would prefer to watch grass grow than to watch people plug boards in. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Can I see them build fighting robots? A: Watch battlebots. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Can we see them build a pump to drain a pond? A: Can we watch grass grow? Educational, but not entertaining. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Q1: Why is everything engine powered? I think it is only a real challenge if it is human powered! Q2: Why is everything human powered? It is only entertaining if there are lots of engines, noise, power and speed! A: Both questions are valid. Wait for a show or two and you will get the type you want.

-- JunkMan (, February 07, 2001


You make a good point, but no one will read it due to the fact that it will be buried under loads of useless challenge ideas before anyone can see it.

-- (, February 08, 2001.

well said.......perhaps this page, or a page of similar content could be a popup when ever someone wants to post an idea!

-- tim (, February 09, 2001.

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