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I think it would be an interesting idea to have a live webcam providing a birdseye view of each team's pit area as the competition occurs. Maybe do this as a one-time special promotion of junkyard wars.

-- Eric Yagerlener (, February 07, 2001


I like that idea.

-- Waddy Thompson (, February 07, 2001.

here, here!.......i second that motion!

-- tim (, February 07, 2001.

Then it would be harder to cheat... I bet the show has gone over 10hours before... I mean how interresting would it be if one team didnt finish in time/!

-- Will (, February 07, 2001.

Go to the channel4 web site, they have webcam time lapse of some of the british builds.

-- Jeff - The NERDS (tm) (, February 07, 2001.

I wouldn't mind cameras. Look for us this year. Terminally Nuts and Bolts.

-- The Joker (, February 08, 2001.

They shoot almost 200 hours of videotape to make a 1 hour show look interesting. I know you would have been bored out of your skull for about 6 hours of our build day. As fastenating and exciting as it might seem I will bet it will never happen, perhaps an edited overview someday, but, not live.


-- JustJay-Captain-Three Rusty Juveniles (, February 08, 2001.

Maybe condensed stop action shots every fifteen or thirty minutes could be posted sometime between the build date, and the show date. Sort of a flip card/photo gallery version of each show. The competetion's outcome could not be featured in this though as it would be out before the show airs. Waddy, with the "Rusty J's"

-- Waddy Thompson (, February 08, 2001.

Eric, you are such a weirdie

-- Little Sister (, April 18, 2001.

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