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I have a small video producer and some clients have already asked me if can make the final product in vcd format; though i'm a professional in video area for a long, i'm starting to work (for 2 years) in non-linear editting and the only thing i know about vcd's is that they use mpeg-1 compression. How can i make a vcd and what kind of soft/hardware sould i use and the procedures?

-- Joćo Anselmo Silva Serra (, February 07, 2001


Try this website:

Kiam Oey Los Angeles

-- Kiam Oey (, February 07, 2001.

Try these as well:; For that matter, why not start with this forum??

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, February 08, 2001.

Whow - Never know that there is a great place to learn lots of stuff about VCD and its making. I have been making a few VCDs quite successfully. Felt really great to learn from Many thanks for the tip. ktnwin

-- ktnwin (, February 08, 2001.

how do i make a vcd from video cassatte.

-- anand (, April 13, 2001.

Hi Jass, It's a great pleasure for me to know people who are working about VCD format and I'm trying to produce one of then like you but I can't get results. The only things came into my mind was to copy the format (the structure) of a whatever VCD into my PC then to clean the folder MPEGAV and put in the last one the videos I want to see. This folder contains the video information in .dat format. I've burnt a CD in this way and I can see it in my PC but my VCD Player doesn't recognize the CD. May be this information it's not useful for you anyway I decided to shared it with because I'm in the same situation so if you have a better idea please touch me as soon as you can. Bye, bye.

-- Gilberto Cardoso Gutierrez (, November 18, 2002.

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