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You can tell it's a great suggestion because of all the caps and exclamation marks!

Each team would have to build a counting machine that would tie into a discussion board. The winner would be the first team to count up all the suggestions on that board that have been made for each idea, while keeping up with the new suggestions that keep pouring in, without burning up!

For instance, it would have to count up how many times snowmobiles, forklift, digging machines, etc. have been suggested, and keep a running total. But it would be tough, because just when you think you've got them almost counted, six more people would post suggestions for a brand new challenge: a snowmobile!

"That's 183! No, 189! No wait -- now it's 215!! But what's this? The orange team's counting machine has just burst into flames!"

-- Eric (, February 07, 2001


Now that's funny! Gawd I hope we're not related...LOL (all in fun).

You do have a point though as many suggestions do repeat themselves. Possibly the controller of this website could break this site into just one more category "The Suggestion Column". If you think about it, this discussion page is the only place where people can suggest ideas. For those of us that just want to comment we can come here. For those that want to purely suggest ideas then they could go to the suggestion column. The suggestion column could go one step further by breaking that down even more by hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical, engine driven, etc, etc. (you got the idea). Ahem, Just a suggestion.

BTW I talked to a mechanic today that never heard of JYW. Wow, there are still people out there that don't know yet.... :)

-- Jerry Johnson (, February 07, 2001.

if he`s not heard of JYW....he`s NOT a mechanic!

-- tim (, February 07, 2001.

I agree. The board needs to be broken down into several categories such as:
1) Challenge suggestions
2) For people who like to debate and inquire about the technical bodgering parts of the show.
3) One for people that want to discuss show production (hosts, editing, locations, etc.)

-- Mark Richter (, February 08, 2001.

4) for people who break everything down into categories.

-- John Gap (, February 08, 2001.

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