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hi all--

i appologize if i am being overly anal... but, i bought a real nice T3-n from our friend greg weber about 2 months ago and i am not sure if there is something wrong or not. since it was rather expensive, i want to make sure it's ok.

i hope i can explain this... it is not so easy to explain. but, if you are looking at the camera from the front, and look right above where the lens attaches to the body, you see the interface where the chrome cap meets the camera body.

now, if i press a bit on this chrome, it moves a little. i.e., it's not that much. is this normal? was wondering if other t3-n owners could verify this for me?



p.s. by the way... thanks for all the wonderful advice on here that led me to the t3-n. it's nice and heavy and solid!

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2001


Pushy T3N


I couldn't get any part of my T3N to push in or move where it's not designed to do so.

My experience is that Greg is a 100% reliable stand-up guy. He stands behind what he sells. I would check with him.


-- Anonymous, February 07, 2001

My T3-N

Hi Paul,

Do you mean the little "pin" that is set into the chrome ring just below and to the right of the red dot where you mount the lens?

If this is the pin you are referring to, mine moves too, but I believe it is supposed to move because it deals with the apateur of the lens when you mount it to the body.

Other than this pin, nothing else on the chrome ring moves.

I'll have a T3-N manual up soon at the site below:

Mike Photography Blue Book web site. Server #1 Photography Blue Book web site. Server #2

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2001

thanks everyone

thanks for all your comments... greg tells me that this is normal. you can see this happen on your T3 by putting a flash on the hotshoe and flex it front to back. the torque causes the top plate to move a bit.

i am glad to hear it's normal, because i am rather smitten with my T3-n.

thanks, paul.

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2001

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