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I am trying to archive my analog tapes to either SVCD or mini DVD's. My plan is to use the analog input of my Canon Elura DV and then convert the file to mpeg2 for SVCD or mini DVD. Does Ulead Video Studio 5 convert DV (MJPEG-AVI) to mpeg2 compliant to SVCD or DVD ?. How about the DAzzle DVD-it program ?.

Thanks Kiam Oey - Los Angeles

-- Kiam Oey (, February 07, 2001


I have Ulead MediaStudioPro6 and if VideoStudio is in any way like it where MPEG-2 is concerned I suggest you steer clear of this particular function when using said apps. ULVS and ULMSP both use Ligos LSX encoding engines to create MPEG-1/2 files from timeline contents, etc. Very little control is afforded in the dialog boxes; either way the resulting MPEGs 1 or 2 leave very much to be desired, quality-wise. As a standalone, Ligos is not highly rated either (which probably exonerates Ulead, though why they continuously use it is another matter); you can check for Ross McCl's links to MPEG-2 encoder comparisons where, interestingly, the freeware TMPGenc 12a is ranked very near the top on several factors including quality.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, February 08, 2001.

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