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Hello All, I have a question about CAS. Is it safe to drink the milk from a goat with this condition. I know you can't ever breed her because she'll pass it on to her babies through her milk, is it safe for humans. Karole

-- Karole (, February 07, 2001


Response to CAS and goat milk

I see I made a mistake It is CAE so sorry

-- Karole (, February 07, 2001.

Response to CAS and goat milk

Karole, if pasturization keeps it from spreading to the babies, I am assuming it would keep it from humans as well. Another good case for pasturization before human consumption.

-- diane (, February 07, 2001.

Response to CAS and goat milk

Karole, you know you will have to breed her eventually to keep getting milk. I understand that what you want to do is bottle those kids right from the start with pasteurized colustrum then pasteurized goat milk or replacer. Putting teat tape on the doe discourages the kids from nursing. I agree that pasteurizing the milk would also make it okay to drink. After you strain it, heat it up over water to 165 degrees, then get it off fast and set the pan in a sink of ice water to cool down before you refrigerate. That's what we do and the milk is still sweet and good. mary

-- mary, texas (, February 07, 2001.

Response to CAS and goat milk

Okay, I made a mistake on my last post. This won't make a difference to you now, but it will later. You don't "pasteurize" the colostrum, you "heat treat" it. Get a copy of CaprineSupply's catalog(it's free). They explain all kinds of things, including how to do this. Look them up at And enjoy your goat. She can still be a good one, and can still give you nice kids. mary

-- mary,texas (, February 07, 2001.

Karole, You can breed the doe and keep the kids the trick is to take the kids away as soon as they hit the ground, heat treat the colostum or buy some colostrum from a CAE negative doe. Then you can feed them lamb milk replacer until they are weaned. I would keep them in another pasture and never let them any place near the doe. I should not get on my soap box but, this CAE is totally out of hand. Because you can have a CAE negative closed herd and still have goats test positive for it. So all the work, and all the hype, and all the criticism of goat people who do not test and let the does nurse their kids is just annoying. but, try to do the best you can and good luck to you

-- karen (, February 07, 2001.

Hi, Karole. CAE is "species-specific". Only goats can get it. Hence the "Caprine" in Caprine arthritic encephelitis...or CAE. I hope you never have to see what it does to a doe with an active is truly horrible, but you don't have to worry about yourself, or your family, or even any other type of animal catching it. Just be sure to keep heat treating, pasturizing,(and of course taking the babies at birth)and hopefully you'll never have to witness it. It can be eradicated, but it takes dedication and education. Best wishes, and don't ever give up on having those darling babies!! Kathie

-- Kathie in Western Washington (, February 07, 2001.

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