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Hello Captains,

This posting has several items for your review. I realize you are the MTV generation, and attention spans are brief, but please try to read the whole thing. I have made my comments as terse and organized as possible. Every time I find out one of you doesn't actually read my email (like the team last week who showed up to play at the University Center despite my repeated clarifications), a small part of me dies.

1. SCHEDULE: The schedule for 2/11 is up at the usual place,

2. BYES: If you anticipate needing a bye for the FOLLOWING week (2/18) please let me know by 2/11 at midnight. The word "bye" is a funny sports word meaning that you would like to not play on that day night.

3. PUNCTUALITY: we got off to a late start on Sunday, which was due to equipment setup and it was entirely my fault. But this won't happen in the future and I want to encourage everyone to be on time. Please remember that your match starts promptly ON THE HOUR and that your team will want to arrive a few minutes early to warm up. I am obsessed about this rule because matches that run late cause all kinds of problems for me, for other teams, for the security guards who want to close the gym on time, and so on.

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2001


Important Update: I have made a change to the schedule that affects teams A1,A2,B4,B5. If you are on one of these teams and have read the schedule in the last 24 hours, please check it again.

The current version will say This page was auto-generated on Wed Feb 7 01:30:18 2001

You might have to press "Reload" or shift-Reload on your web browser to get the current version.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2001

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