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Maybe its time to thank RDF for having the foresight to produce such an interesting show. I know I am not alone in thanking them for finally producing a show that captures the creative spirit involved in machine design & construction, general engineering, and mechanical ability. Few TV programs to date show the detail JYW shows, what with welding, cutting, "smashing", and even bodging. The fact that they can teach the ordinary person something mechanical and present it in an "attractive" (i.e. profitable) way is pretty amazing in todays world. Obviously many of the posters at this web site finally have an outlet for their creative thoughts. Thanks RDF. BTW, I repair and operate old railroad steam locomotives, diesel electric locomotives and other railroad equipment for my hobby. Much of JYW reminds me of that work, though our safety standards are somewhat higher:) And to all the teams out there, thanks too for providing an excellent form of entertainment. Imagine, untrained people given a part on a TV program and actually accomplishing a task. Pretty neat!

-- Rob Piligian (, February 06, 2001


Agreed!!! This show is second to none depending on one's taste of course. Sheesh even my wife watches it and that's saying alot.

Every day I go to the office and when I travel I ask around to see who watches it. 600 or so in our office. You would not believe the responses as theirs eyes light up. Few know about this I tell them.

-- Jerry Johnson (, February 06, 2001.

Rob, are there any job openings at your shop? Just kidding. I would love to be in on a steam locomotive rebuild however.

-- Waddy Thompson (, February 06, 2001.

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