January Minutes

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Ness Creek BOD Meeting: Jan 28/01

Present: Kerri, Gord, Jayson, Brenda R., Brenda G., Michael, Barry, Oriol, Kathi Regrets: Matt, Sharon, Glen Absent: Mark

1. Move that the BOD adopt the Agenda. Gord/Barry. Carried.

2. Move that the BOD adopt December’s minutes. Michael/Brenda R.. Addendum: Gord has approached Jon Braidek regarding his proposal.

3. Sandsculpting Proposal/ Ness Creek Loppit. Move that the BOD support partnership on Ness Creek Loppit, subject to confirmation that insurance costs do not supersede $50. Michael/Brenda G.. Carried.

Move that the BOD support the Ness Creek Loppitt through in kind services and at the end of February, review the possibility of support through funding. Brenda/Oriol. Carried.

4. Vision Statement. Michael will chair an adhoc committee to develop a Vision Statement and present options at February Meeting. Committee: Barry, Mark.

6. Areas needing Coordinators: Children’s Area (Co-coordinator) Sponsorship (Coordinator) Logistics - Jason, Pam, Bonnie, Gord Promotions - (Co-coordinator) Jo Janzen Security - (Co-coordinator) Volunteer - (Community Works) Youth - Michelle Lane, poss. youth Coord. from Feb. 8/01 mtg First-Aid - Glen, Barry Information - (Coordinator) talk in May

7. Weekend Passes. Move that the BOD establish a maximum number of weekend passes sold at 1300. Brenda/Kathi. Carried.

Move that “Finance” develop a system of accounting festival attendance (kids, comps, paid, vols, etc.). To be presented at the May Planning Retreat. Michael/Barry. Carried.

8. Planning Document Review. Move that the Logistics Committee will decide when the Site is Full; in consultation with Gord, First Aid, Gate, Fire Marshall, Etc.. Brenda R./Brenda G.. Carried

Move that NCCRS create an ethical filter that we use in looking at possible funding sources, on a case by case basis. Michael.Kathi. Carried.

Move that NCCRS look at Green Funding from Shell. Michael/Barry. Defeated.

Move that NCCRS incorporate on 2001 Questionnaire, a question regarding accepting sponsorship from corporate sources. Brenda r./Oriol. Carried.

To be forwarded to questionnaire Coordinators Michael & Seanna.

Re: Budget - Financial will send out a revised proposed budget to all Board Meetings ASAP for consideration at next mtg.

Move that Site and Logistics make a decision as to incorporating more food booths. Brenda G./Kathi. Carried.

Current Standards ( amp usage, re-fer use, etc.) to be researched and brought to Feb. mtg by Jen.

9. Willow Weave. 1st weekend in May, using Straw Bale House. Completion of CSC and bringing of Willow Arches to “up-down” spaces of festival site anticipated.

10. Big River Fish Derby. Move that the BOD authorize a donation of 2 festival passes and 2 T-shirts to the Big River Fish Derby. Gord/Oriol. Carried.

11. Bulletin Board. Jon/Michael will look into honing the architecture of Bulletin Board.

Move to adjourn.

Next Meeting: February 25th, 1pm, Amigo’s.

Michael to chair.

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2001

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