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Dear Ms. Rogers

It is with great enthusiasm that my eleven-year-old son and I have become regular spectators of your truly innovative program. We watch your series on TLC-Discovery channel in the Montreal, Quebec, which unfortunately bombards us with 45% of airtime, of high-speed, sound compressed, insipid commercials. (Truly disgusting)

Speaking of the bombardment, here is an idea of for a possible future challenge. What about a paint ball "tank war" whereas the two teams would need to build over a working platform a paint throwing armored vehicle. Thin armored plating would need to be erected over a powered chassis with, hopefully, a working turret. Each team would then have to battle it out on an obstacle course for, say, fifteen minutes. The winner would be determined by the number of hits on at least three sides of the vehicle.

For safety purposes, you could supply each team with one sheet of transparent Plexiglas (for windows) and some type of army exercise paint gun that throws one-inch paint balls.

Even if our idea can't be applied, do keep up your good work.

P. S. why aren't you the host of the new orange or versus yellow team UK series? You are an important part of the concept.

-- Phil (, February 06, 2001


The Orange versus Yellow U.K. Version that your talking about stars robert as the only host becouse Cathy Is Behind The Camera AT this time. These are the Very First Shows. Not sure exactly at what point she started

-- JunkMan (, February 06, 2001.

God bless reruns. tis the season. Hey I smell another mega JYW series coming up. just like Survivor.

To add to your safety aspect (and your idea is sound) they could use semi weighted styrofoam balls covered in velcro. and each tank could have the opposite end of velcro.

-- Jerry Johnson (, February 06, 2001.

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