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It would help everyone if there were a chart or something with a consolodated list of all the suggestions that came up before this link. I know a lot of people are innocently posting ideas which were posted 700 times before (not to mention a few annoying ones who post these ideas no matter how many times they were posted before).

How about it Webmaster? Help us sort through this mess....

-- Arthur Majoor (, February 06, 2001


I guess I am the webmaster. Sorry not reply sooner but I have been on holiday for a couple of weeks.

I think this discussion FAQ has the sort of thing you are talking about. There is a link to it from the post a question page. I'd appreciate any ideas as to how I can make it more obvious, as it seems that repeat posting is still a problem (though I guess it will always be). I'd like to improve it so there are links to the discussion(s) for each type of suggestion - I'll do that when I get some time.

-- Andy Bell (, February 19, 2001.

Hi. Just to start off, I think that your show is the BEST!!! I cannot get enough of it. I tape each episode and watch it about 5 times. I LOVE JUNKYARD WARS!!! Anyway, I think that it would be an awesome idea if there was an episode where the builders would have to build a battlebot. Or in simpler terms, a killer robot. Each team would build one under 800lbs. What this is, is a remote controlled robot or vehicle which is suppoed to be no longer than 8' and wider than 8'. They must put weapons like saws or hammers. Everything will be controlled fron a controller which was found in the Junkyard. If don't know what I mean, visit the site:

You will see how amazing these things are and I am sure that MANY people will. Thanks for your time and I hope that you take this idea into consideration.


-- Tom Wilga (, February 06, 2001.

Is this a Joke? How many millions of times was the battle bot idea posted many times has it been said it won't happen. why copy what another show is doing already for 1.

-- JunkMan (, February 06, 2001.

FAQ at . Read now.

-- Rick Tyler (, February 06, 2001.

I agree the the original posting (and 3rd posting). A simple table listing the ideas presented, number of positive replies, and number of negative/problem replies would be very helpful. There could even be an ongoing voting for/against column. This would help new visitors, and old salts alike. Regarding the battlebots - keep it on the comedy channel no matter how popular it is (it's been/being done)....

-- Devin T. Ross (, February 07, 2001.

Here's another vote for a single, consise list of 1) what's been done, and 2) what's been suggested. Then the obnoxious flamers can go take a much needed rest, and the thinkers won't embarass themselves (ouch!).

-- Rich SantaColoma (, February 16, 2001.

In alphabetical order......

-- John Gap (, February 17, 2001.

Episode names are basically the invention/device made for that challange. There's been a bunch of confusion on which episodes have played and what order new viewers are discovering the program [including what series is running when, with what host(s)]. If a list of all the episodes were flashed at the end of each show, along with the promo for the next episode to show, every newbie with a VCR could figure out what's going on. This could cut out about 2/3rds of the irritating posts. Repeating the info here would help even more would be posters - are you out there Webmaster?

-- Devin T. Ross (, February 18, 2001.

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