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What do you think makes a good camera, that people will buy? I am designing on for school and I need to know, from a professional what I need to include in My design.

Thankyou, I await your response, Rebecca Grant

-- Rebecca Grant (, February 06, 2001


Rebecca: Wow! Loaded question. Answer is: it depends. However, I think there are several commonalities in every photo person's desire, from the professional to the holiday traveler interested only in recognizable snapshots of his/her vacation: a rugged, lightweight camera with excellent optics, ease of use, either accepting multiple lenses, or having a built-in zoom feature. I would add a wide range of f-stops, and an extremely fast top-end shutter speed to the wish list, too, along with a manual override. If it would accept a digital back, as well as a regular film back, that would also be a plus in the market.

I hope that helps. You can check out my camera web site at http://herron.50megs. com

-- Ron Herron (, February 12, 2001.

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