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what is the summary of the fable silence? what is the meaning of silence in the story silence?

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2001


I'm in tthe same problem and also in desperate need of help!!! Does anyone know tha answer??!!!?? ----Rachel

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2001

After some mind twisting hours i think i finally got it. First the story is told by the the character in the start of the text: he placed his hand upon my heaad..... But he is telling it from the demons point of view to take us in to the story. First of all, Poe didn't know africa from china. The places he is talking about is in three different parts of africa. Lybia, Zaire and tanzania. It start out with a describtion of a vast forrest with a lake of some sort. The lake is covered with water lilies. The place is described as a dreadfull place with primeval trees and so on. Then a man appears. He is almost a divine character, 'cause nature can't even touch him ".....had left uncovered the features of his face....." He sit upon a tall rock and trembles in his solitude. The demon hides to watch his actions but there are none. The demon then tries to get some reaction and calls the behemoth on him. The roar a terrorfying roar ".... but the man trebled in the solitude but the night waned, and he sat upon the rock...." Then the demon tries to stur up the heavens by creating thunder and lightning and by making nature shriek and torment. "...and the man trembled in the solitude, but the night waned, and he sat upon the rock..." Then the demon curse all thing with silence... All were still. Then the man open his eye and ears and tries to listen, but there is no sound. Nothing to hear in the vast desert of water lilies. The man fled as fast as he could in fear. And there were silence.

Pleace disregard the bad language and gramma. I'm not english or american. I did the best i could..


-- Anonymous, February 07, 2001

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