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Guidlines: Construction of the launcher 1. The team must be able to carry the completed device through my classroom door and out ot the launch site, i.e. the practice football field or band field. The group (4 people) may make only one trip to the launch site. 2. The device must use only human energy as its initial energy source, i.e. any springs or potentioal energy storage apparatus must get their energy input from the team members and not from an electrical outlet or any other source of outside energy. 3. The energy storage system may use springs, rubber bands, compressed air (just so the compressed air comes from a team member who has to use a hand pump or other way to pressurize the air tank) or from the potential energy stored in a suspended mass. No explosive, flammable or combustible materials may be used. A maximum of 140 kg (308lbs) of counter wieght will be allowed. 4. Each device must include a trigger, which will hold the launch mechanism one it has been "charged" by the team. The trigger must allow for a team member to stand a safe distance from the launcehr (at least 2 m) while launching. 5. Once the team has all components of their device moved to the field they have 5 min to assembel the launcher and have it ready to launch their projectile. 6. Each team will be allowed to launch up to 3 projetiles wiht the best of the 3 being used for scoring. A miss-fire will count as a launch.

I would like to thank you for your help in this matter in advance- any help you can give me will be awesome. I am looking for a launcher with these guidlines to go the farthest distance. If you have any ideas or plans or anything please let me know. THANKS AGAIN in advance. P.S. I am thinking air compression will be the best ( maybe pedaling a bike or something to build up pressure ) what do you think

-- Nick Morris (, February 05, 2001


Find Ron Toms' site and link to the "Catapults Message Board." They will also want to know what it is you want to launch, but there are tons of plans there. Pumping with a bicycle pump against machines with 300lb counerweights will not be very effective unless you have a good while to pump it up (at least 15 min.) You may also have a problem finding and assembling all the essential parts of an air cannon. The nice guys on the catapult board will be happy to help you once you choose your weapon from the "PLANS" link at the top of the board. Have fun, keep it safe. Melon Musketeer, Owner/builder of the world champion human powered pumpkin cannon.

-- Waddy Thompson (, February 06, 2001.

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