dirt hill climbing racers

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Any type two, three, or four wheel vehicle that can race up a hill of dirt. Kinda like four wheeling or dirt bike racing.

-- mike buss (mbuss@promega.com), February 05, 2001


Pretty cool idea. Southern California (the new home of the franchise) has a lot of off-road motorcycle parks that could host this sort of competition. It could be sand dune climb or just a dirt hill. The climb could be between a bike-based solution and a car-based one, or some sort of quad-thing or even four-wheel drive vs. sand rail.

This would be quintessential Scrapheap/Junkyard stuff. Lots of snarling engines, big tires, dirt, and general silliness. I like it a lot. (It would be a little dangerous, but with the proper safety gear it should be all right. I mean, hey, I spent my teen years doing exactly this sort of thing and I survived. So far.)

-- Rick Tyler (rick@raf.com), February 06, 2001.

JUst to add on: An uphill racer would be a very cool idea. I can see it happening. Also, you can not say it isn't possible. In my hometwon of Freemansburg PA we held this big competetion called "The Freemansburg Hill Climb". Big guys in hand made motercycles try to get up this huge incline. Usually only one person makes it up and thats the winner. In the case that thye both make it up a race up the hill happens to justify who wil

-- Young JYW Fan (Gandolf328@aol.com), February 07, 2001.

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