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Will we see a return to the original host of Junkyard Wars? My preference would be to have the original host and Cathy (who has appeared in both the Brit & the US versions). That combination was very effective. The new host of the latest series is miscast - he would be better suited to the comedy channel.

Also, the format of the original show is really good. If changes continue and the show morphs into a totally US version, what was so clever and creative about the original concept will disappear and we will be left with 'Redneck Wars'. Doubtless the show will be successful, especially if shown on a weeknight lineup featuring tractor pulls and WWF wrestling. Jeff Foxworthy or the guy from tooltime could be the host and I am sure any number of beer companies would underwrite the venture.

-- anne ahmad (, February 05, 2001


I agree completely. The more the show has become amercanized the more it has lost appeal. I'm confident that should the show follow this trend it will become more traditionally american, hence stupid and patronizing. Please! Tell the american producers that loud and obnoxious does not equal entertainment. Wit and sly humour made the show. I dread the concept of an L.A. Version but I'll keep an open mind. PLEASE limit the typical american in your face lack of humor. Please believe thinking americans like myself exist and will leave the show in droves should you forget how we found it, and why we continued to watch. The temptation to attempt a Survivor like transatlantic success must be too much to resist. We'll see if our market has enough interest....I hope so.. An American Ian

-- Ian (, February 05, 2001.

Read the FAQ and all will be revealed.

-- Rick (, February 06, 2001.

Please let's call a truce. Either audition or don't cry about the hosts.

-- Stephen A. Binion (, February 06, 2001.

Hey Ian, if you think us red neck, tobaco chewin,beer guzzlin,WWF watchin bunch of stupid americans are just ruining YOUR show then maybe you and Anne should just haul your asses over to the UK to live. That way you wouldn't ever have to watch any of our stupid, patronizing,slow witted shows at all. You would be glad to be there and we would be glad to see you go.

-- joe perdue (, February 06, 2001.

Joe, to my knowledge, Junkyard Wars IS a brit show that was picked up by TLC. The concept and format appealed to me because it was so different - it had a post-apocalyptic kind of feel and asked the question 'do we own technlogy or does it own us?'. Have we lost the ability to create or can we still make the tools we need? That was what i meant about format changes.

My redneck comment was not 'yank bashing'. The stuff we see on the air is aimed at the lowest common denominator so the quality over time never improves. Just turn on ANY wrestling type program for proof of this. It amazes me that a country that has produced so many great minds and so much that is good could live with such awful tv.

PS: Thanks for the support Ian!

-- Anne Ahmad (, February 07, 2001.

Anne and Ian, If you notice. On the two latest shows which were the first two ever. You can watch the set change and the format change over the next few episodes. Even more when you get to the next 2 series. This show changed so much away from the apocalyptic look, way before the Americans were involved. It's called change. Hopefully people can too change along with the show and not get stuck in thier rut. Deal with it.

-- John Gap (, February 07, 2001.

the show is too much for smart people don't make it wurse.the challunges should be easyer so any one can do them not just some smarty pants. the host should be al bundy he is realy funny. also there should be a rule if your team needs something and another team has it and your team can kick there ass you can take it away from them.

-- Leroy Jones (, February 07, 2001.

Quite amusing Leroy! However, if the JYW producers don't catch the sarcasm, we could be stuck with George forever...

-- Jayne Ayre (, February 25, 2001.

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