Oil well fires

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Yes I know it sounds like I'm asking the producers to barbacue a bunch of the contestants however it can be simulated in some manner. Using a small flame with a boundry area representing incineration if they cross it. (but imagine the bodging motivation factor if told they had to do this for real in 10 hours)

So I haven't seen this posted yet, forgive me if it is buried deep in someone elses message.

We all saw what it was like after the Gulf war, some really inovative ways were tried to put them out. These included traditional explosives to extinguish the well (they could use a firework). (The contestants would have to design an accurate way of delivering the explosives from a distance without having the fire set it off. Foam delivery systems, aerosal sprays, or my favorite (I think a Canadian disaster firm thought this one up)putting jet engines on a chasis, cranking them up to full power and blowing the CO2 onto the well.

Needless to say there are many ways to do it, maybe you guys can think of ways to flesh this idea out so that it is still exciting, but not going to immoliate the crew.

-- Conrad Maher (conradmaher@earthlink.net), February 05, 2001


The oil well mystery has not been solved despite the efforts of many talented engineers. The process involves high pressure, high temperature and very toxic smoke. Most of the current methods involve cooling the well head down and then either smashing an object down the well head or removing the combustion air through an explosion. There is however a method of controlling an oil well fire that is effective, fast, and leaves the well head available for immediate use.

-- Allen Hope (hope20@prodigy.net), February 03, 2003.

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