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Hello Keith, I have started developing an astrological program in Access Vba. I need to find out the values for Orbital Pertubations for the planets to produce high precision RA and Decl, where could I find these please? Also do you know of an accurate way to determine a planet's position within an astrological sign. I know where 0 deg Aries would be, but am not too sure about the rest. By the way, hope to build my own Dobsonian in the future as well. Many thanks Terry

-- Terry Smith (yoo_hoo_2000@ntlworld.com), February 05, 2001


I have no interest or knowledge of astrology. Try a Web search on 'ecliptic' and 'houses' or similar.

-- Keith Burnett (kburnett@btinternet.com), February 17, 2001.


Thanks for this answer. I would very much prefer that this discussion board is not taken up by astrological discussion. This discussion forum is designed to support the web pages at



There is nothing stopping people from starting an astrological discussion group at all - just go to


and look at the lusenet link. All operated by forms, no web server programming needed.

-- Keith Burnett (kburnett@btinternet.com), August 14, 2001.

Dear Mr.Smith With reference to your query, I would like to point out that each zodiacal sign occupies 30 degrees from the first point of Aries on the ecliptic in order. So what you need actually is geocentric ecliptic latitude and longitude rather than R.A. and declination. So the ecliptic can be divided as follows.

ecliptic Longitude (degrees) sign 0-30 Aries 30-60 Taurus 60-90 Gemini 90-120 Cancer 120-150 Leo 150-180 Virgo 180-210 Libra 210-240 Scorpio 240-270 Sagitarius 270-300 Capricorn 300-330 Aquarius 330-360 Pieces

Thus by above table you will be able to knoew the zodiacal sign in which planet lies from its ecliptic longitude.

Expecting your reply

- Bhavin Shukla email:astrologer_shukla @yahoo.com

-- Bhavin Shukla (astrologer_shukla@yahoo.com), August 13, 2001.

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