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OK, I will start by conceding that all sub 18 year old posters have genius level IQ's, and with 11 hours of build time could create a vehicle that will take the team to Mars.

I wish you would all remember that no matter how smart, dedicated etc. you are, the producers have to deal with various laws, just like the contestants. While the laws of physics are usually easier to understand, the requirements for the challengers to be old enough to assume risks on their own is about as firm as the laws of gravity. Both laws are vigourously enforced by the RCMP.

While you wait, why not bug your school, youth group etc. to set up a "table top" engineering challenge. You will have lots of fun, and the skills you perfect will help you if you ever do get on the show. As well, there are all kinds of model engineering clubs out there. Start surfing, find them and join up.

For the producers, why not post a set of uniform rules for "Table Top Challenge"? They could be as simple as: each team is allowed to spend $x at the local Canadian Tire for parts, and has 10 hrs (including shopping time) to create whatever sub-scale beast is on the menu, in the workshop (or using workshop tools) supplied by the producer/school/sponsor.

For those of you who don't live in Canada, substitute your favorite hardware store chain. They might even be willing to sponsor you. Fun dodges to add to the show would be the requirment to shop during a busy saturday, or limiting the number of trips the team shopper could make to the store. Extra points for the amount of change left over.

Anyway, lets enjoy the show for its entertainment value, and don't vent your frustrations out here. The show is supposed to inspire you to take some sort of action! Get going!

-- Arthur Majoor (, February 05, 2001


Along the lines of the previous post.. when I was a welp waaaaaay back in grade school and high school I participated in a copmetition called 'Odessey of the Mind'. This involved several competitions which included buildin' stuff to do things. This is probably a GREAT program for young bodgers to get involved with. I couldn't seem to get the Odessey of the Mind main page to load up to include as a link, but some creative web searching should return some good information, or you could always ask your local schools.

I'm sure there are also other programs like this that younger members can get involved with.


-- John Newman (, February 05, 2001.

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