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I am intrigued with possiblity of making an audio-only VCD, that could fit more than 80-ish minutes of audio...

sorta like a mp3 player for us without mp3 capable DVD players!

I was able to create some system (mpg) audio-only files with tmpgenc, and burned to cd-rw. I see the tracks and get playback on my Toshiba 6109C...

BUT I ONLY GET FIRST 8 seconds !!!??? why!!! each track, 8ish seconds of audio only...

It's like the player says, ok we'll play you... What? no video?!?! freak out!

1. Has anyone made any audio only VCDs? 2. How much music did you get on it? ie, 160 minutes, 320 minutes, etc 3. HOW? what version of files, what software and options, what burner software? 4. Is it worth is; is it kewl?!?!

Let us all know!


-- Al (, February 05, 2001


Yes, this was discussed a while back. See I provide my method for making such VCDs that hold over 3 hours of music...


-- kevin (, February 05, 2001.

Well.... not audio only, but with 100k/s video (minimal bitreate for my Sony DAV-S300). Do not select an video source in tmpgenc, but set the video bitrate to 100k/s. Audio standard at 224 k/s. Encode.

I burn with Nero, which complains it isn't standard VideoCD format, but can write non standard as well.

Maximum on a 74 min CD-RW about 5 hours.

But I must say I only use it for new compilation CD's. 5 hours of the same type of music is too much for me. Although I can select any trach I want.

Now I's searching for music recorded in 5.1 Dolby surround. Great !

Regards, Hans Bus

-- Hans Bus (, February 07, 2001.

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