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Hi all. A few questions, any responses would be much appreciated.

1) How do you access the half-frame feature. I read that the Autoreflex A can take twice as many negatives from the same 35mm film.

2) On the front of the body of the Autoreflex A there are two buttons/holes. One is labled M and the other is labeled X. What are these?


-- Anonymous, February 04, 2001


Some answers about the Autoreflex A

Hi Larry!

I think you got some mixed up information. The Konica Auto Reflex (an earlier model to the Autoreflex A) had the switch for half-frame. The Autoreflex A is a slightly "detuned" Autoreflex T in that the shutter speeds are a little different, there is no preview button there is no on-off switch, among other things.

The X and M "holes" are PC cord connectors for flashes. The X connector is for electronic flashes and the M is for bulb type flashes. The difference is in the timing of the switch to fire the flash - an electronic flash fires MUCH faster than a bulb type so the camera waits until the shutter is fully open before firing the flash.



-- Anonymous, February 04, 2001

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