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Can anyone tell me what the shortest focal length lenses you have been able to use before resorting to the bag bellows with the TK45? If I'm not doing any extreme movements (in the field, not in the studio), could I use a 90 or 110 and get by with the standard bellows? Thanks.

-- Cameron Mosley (, February 03, 2001


very limited movements with a 110. a 90 will focus but no movements.

-- adam friedberg (, February 03, 2001.

The shortest lens on a recessed board that will reach infinity on the TK 45S is the 35mm. However with any lens from 90mm down the WA bellows should be used even with minute movements or you will damage the bellows.

The WA TK bellows is very fast and easy to install and costs much less then a replacement double conical TK standard bellows.

Because the standard bellows is a double conical design (larger in the center then at either end) is what lets a 35mm reach infinity with that bellows.

However you are deluding yourself if you believe you will not take advantage of the ample tilt/swing/shift controls of the TK when using lenses with generous coverage like a 90mm.

If you must have a camera with no wa bellows that handles wide angle lenses the Technika 2000 takes and uses the 35mm lens with the fixed standard bellows.

-- Bob Salomon (, February 03, 2001.

I wouldn't say "no" movements for a 90 mm lens, but then again, you don't get much. The real problem is that it would appear that you can shift (or rise) or tilt (or swing) the standards a fair amount. If you do so, the compressed side of the bellows expands a bit and pushes the two standards away from their proper position.

Although a bit expensive, the bag bellows are durable and will last much longer than your standard bellows. If you tend to work with 135 mm or shorter lenses, you can leave the bag bellows on the camera instead of the standard bellows.


-- Bruce M. Herman (, February 03, 2001.

You are more likely to use 10 mm or more rise with a 90 mm, 110, or 115 mm lens than with longer lenses, such as 180, 210 or 300 mm. I found the standard bellows unacceptably restrictive in lens movement with these wide angle lenses at infinity focus. I bet you will prefer using the bag bellows a lot with 115 mm or less focal length lens. I wisg I knew how to stop the cut off at the end of this n

-- David Caldwell (, February 05, 2001.

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