why isn't dance offered as a part of our schools curriculum

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I am a college student majoring in dance and I am doing an argumentive paper on the issue of why dance is not offered in public schools. Can you tell me why, other than funding, why it isn't a part of the curriculum just as physical education is?

-- Glynis Ferm (foreveradancer_1@yahoo.com), February 03, 2001


i kinda sorda have an answer but it is just my oppinion and what i was told by some one at my school i am a junior in high school me and 4 other girls wanted to create a dance team. i think it took us about 4-5 months before we gave up we have meetings every once and a while, she thaoght it was great what we were doing and we would be apart of the third pep asssembly to perform than she had told us no because the cheerleaders were doing it and theres is better. than we talked to the sports advisor ans she told us that the school does not have the money to pay for a coach, they dont have the room to provide us a safe place and it would be to much activiyies going on in this school she had also said if we can support all this stuff than we can do what ever we want but we will just be concidered a club not a sport or even a team. so after that i stopped trying.

-- Stephanie marie Barnes (chickabangbang2004@yahoo.com), March 08, 2003.

maybe it's just my high school, but we have an extensive dance program...there is ballet, jazz, tap, modern, etc. ...but again maybe it's just my school

-- amiee (amiee@random.com), November 16, 2003.

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