Handheld TICs use in aircraft

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My agency is investigating the use of hand held TICs from aircraft in a wildfire scenario. I am seeking assistance with answers to the following questions and would be grateful for some help.

Which type of TIC is best suited for this application? Are TICs able to function through curved or flat perspex windows or do windows/doors have to be open? What drain on aircraft power systems is there if the TIC is 'wired' in? Are there any aeronautical regulations that may apply to the use of TICs in aircraft? What is the maximum altitude (AGL) at which TICs remain effective?

I am also seeking anecdotes of TIC usage at wildfires and whether or not the TIC was effective.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Greg Stone - Air Attack Supervisor South Australian Country Fire Service

-- Greg Stone (stone.greg@cfs.org.au), February 03, 2001

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