What do they do with the creations?

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I wonder what they do with the machines that get built? I hope they don't just scrap them or tear them apart. I know there are some very kewl creations and If I was part of the team that built it I'd want to take it home. ('Course I'm not sure if that would classify as "carry on" at the airport?) Like the hydraulic arm that was attached to the back of the truck to tear down the wall at the power plant. That thing was awesome! I think it would be neat to have some of these things. Especially if you're the guy that brought it to life.

-- Aaron (meatpuppeta@yahoo.com), February 03, 2001


They get recycled back into the junkyard which is not there anymore because it will be in LA now. This question is also answered a coup[le of other times if you scroll down and look first....

-- John gap (mindthegap64@hotmail.com), February 03, 2001.

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