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I have an HP 7200 CD burner, the latest version of Adaptec and NERO 5.0. My DVD player is a Sony DVP-S360. I've tried but I cannot seem to make a VCD slide slow from my JPG files which can play on my DVD player.

Can anyone provide step by step instructions?

-- Robert Pemberton (, February 03, 2001


Your problem is probably the DVD player. When I was looking for a DVD player that would play CD-R/RW's, none of the Sonys and MANY others would play them. I settled on a Pioneer DV-333 which plays just about everything...including Photo slide shows burned by NERO on CD-R and audio Cds burned by Adaptec.

-- Rich Wacholz (, February 03, 2001.


The Sony DVP-S360 is actually an excellent player for jpeg stills as long as you use CD-RW discs. The Sony players allow you to random access stills which though the Pioneer is a superb machine is not possible with that machine. Also on the Sony, you can pause a continuous running show which is not possible on the Pioneer or on the Apex AD 600A. I'm not knocking any of these players - I have used them and like them but the Sonys are getting a rough deal.

Hope this helps.


-- Al Meikle (, February 03, 2001.

If Sony is getting a rough deal they don't seem bothered. When they first came out with DVD players they made a big do that theirs had dual optical pickups; good for us since they could recognize CD-R/RW. Then last year they decided to take away CD-R compatibility on the latest models (piracy paranoia or cost cutting, who knows?); this is a complete reversal compared with the likes of Pioneer and, recently, JVC, who both came out first with models that do not read CD-R/RW, but whose latest ones now completely do. Apparently these two consider CD-R/RW compatibility an important thing; juggernaut Sony does not, and so the people responsible there for the current state of its DVD set-tops should indeed get a rough deal in the form of hordes of fireants biting their balls!

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, February 04, 2001.


You make a very good point concerning Sony's policy towards consumers however the point of my posting is to make Robert feel a little better about his situation not to stick up for Sony who everyone knows while being at the forefront of technology can be a frustrating and annoying company to deal with. If you want to talk about bad support, what about Pioneers's DVD V7400? It costs about $1000 and plays almost nothing except DVDs. No proper stills support and no SVCD. Robert can achieve stills that will work well if he sticks with CD-RWs. That's a plus for him since he already owns the machine and may not have the option of returning it for a Pioneer.



-- Al Meikle (, February 04, 2001.

My Pioneer 525 plays everything I throw at it. That's why I bought it. I took my homemade VCD's to Best Buy and it was the only player that would do it at the time. A lot of the others would play a CD-RW

-- AL Mc (, February 06, 2001.

goto http:\\

there you can look up a particular dvd player to see what formats it will well as what media it supports....I have an Aiwa dvd player and it plays EVERY CDR/RW no matter what color etc.

-- JC (, March 05, 2001.

My friend just puchased a Teac DVD player No. DV2180 $169.00AUS and we were quite amazed to find that it played my crudy cheap assed cd- r's, MP3,JPG, everything, no probs at all, go figure!

-- Fred Smoot (H8VCR@DVD.COM), August 30, 2003.

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