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Any suggestions as to what size(height)lens hood would be good for this lens? It takes a 55mm filter, but I have no info since this lens does not come w/a built-in-hood like the 3.5. Also, I,m compiling a list of lens prices on ebay and I'm trying to sort out the 80-200's.I have listed the following: 3.5 2 touch w/tripod,4 UC 2 touch,4 one touch and 4.5 1/2 touch? Is there a 3.5 2 touch w/macro? I recall seeing seeing one on ebay. Any info would be more than helpful.Thanks,Dave

-- Anonymous, February 03, 2001


80-200/4 lens hood

Hi Dave,

Maybe you can locate a Konica hood that is specifically fitted for this lens, try Greg Weber (his e-mail is elsewhere on this B.B.)

If you can't get one that way, I would suggest you go to any camera store that has a decent pile of used items and look for a 2-3 inch deep hood with 62 or 67mm threads, then get a 55-?? step-up ring. Look for a hood that has a little bit of flare to it, to accomodate the 80mm end of your zoom. As long as it is fairly deep, it should adequately protect the lens. With the larger diameter, you should be able to avoid any vignetting.

Take the lens & camera with you when you shop and you can try the hood/step ring on the lens. Through the viewfinder you should be able to get a good idea if the hood is too "tight" and might vignette.

Maybe the store will let you try out the hood and exchange it if it causes any problems. Get a cheap roll of film and knock off a bunch of shots at the extreme lengths of the zoom and with both max. & min. apertures, then get it quick printed as cheaply as possible to see if there are any problems.

Used hoods at a local store where I spend too much money are only $2-3 ea. They sometimes even have used step rings for $2-3. New ones are a bit more.

Good luck!

Alan Myers San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2001

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