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fair use etc Mold Forces Another Family Out of Their Home "Mold Forces Another Family Out of Their Home 8:36 PM February 02, 2001 By Carolyn Mungo 11 News It's a frightening problem that has people abandoning their homes all over the Houston area. Let’s take a look at another family fighting mold’s effect on their health—another horror story. Ryan Patterson looks like any other ten year old on a Friday afternoon. He's playing outside of his house. But, there is one difference—as of yesterday at 2 o’clock, he can no longer go in. His mother, Bobbi Patterson, said, “I left everything behind. All I had on me were I had a pair of pants on and a shirt. I had my purse. " Minutes after their home was tested by a microbiologist, Ryan's whole family was told to evacuate and abandon everything. Potentially toxic mold was growing inside. Patterson said, “Ryan’s room is infected. Or it’s affected in his closet…my bedroom, my bathroom, my kitchen." School records show Ryan Patterson has been absent 23 days since November. Peering inside, the whole family remembers, he was only sick when he was home. Ryan said, “I was coughing like every 45 seconds. I was tired. I was weak and drowsy, and I was on so many medications." His mother added, “I hurt my child, and there’s nothing I can do about it except to get out." The Pattersons have been told cleanup could take three to six months. It will likely be that contractors will have to gut the place to make sure the mold is gone. Right next door, with neighbors, is where the Patterson family will live. At least for now, while they try to comprehend their next step. The Patterson family is just one of dozens of families who have called us since last night's report to say they have also been evacuated because of toxic mold. Some have been out since last July. The question is: Will the Patterson's insurance company come through and pay for the cleanup? They are still waiting to find out...."

-- tex (, February 02, 2001

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