Konica T4. Any offers?

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Ok, more bad luck for me on a day that just has been the worst so far this year.

I JUST bought a Konica T4 SLR camera and found new PX675 batteries for it (anyone want any PX675's? I can get them new) and the light meter doesn't work. The camera works great other than the light meter and the battery test light come on so it has power. Maybe I am just fustrated and can't figure it out? But I was hoping to fix this one up really nice and all and now I'm so disapointed with it I just want to get rid of it. Oh it needs a plastic rewind knob cover (probally cost $5 if that)

Anyone want to buy it? Maybe an easy fix I donno. Make me an offer. I wrote the guy back who sold it to me, but he has lied to me since the start so I don't think he will take it back... my loss, you gain? Selling as-is.

It is in the usual T4 user condition (i.e. some brassing, leather shrinkage, a few nicks on the body).

Write me at: michael.lepard@home.com with offers. If you offer is high enough, I'll ship it to you free. Also, I have a stack of extra lenses for K/AR mount if you need a lens or two or 10..haha.

A not very happy, Mike LePard

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2001

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