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Navigation is one of the most important design considerations for any website. Typically there is a global navbar and a local navbar, and sometimes a member navbar that only shows up for logged in visitors.

All pages should include a link to the home page (both an obvious text link and by clicking a logo), and the home page should include a bookmarkable link to itself (and an email contact link). From the homepage , it is best to have certain standard links available, such as Contact, FAQs, Links, Login, and in some cases, Products, Services, Support, News, etc.

Dropdown or flyout menu trees are an advanced way to provide navigation for the more complex website. Text links that change on mouseover are usually preferable to JavaScript-swapped button images. Navbars can be horizontal or vertical depending on the application. In the active website (ASP), the page is viewed as a container object with a set of controls as its contents.

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2001

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