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I did a quick look through the other challenge ideas and didn't find this one. Of coures, if it's been mentioned before just ignore this post. I think that a single seat/person amusement park ride would be interesting. Judges could rate the "ride" based on overall visual appeal (would it draw customers?) Function, safety, ingenuity, creativity and lastly of course, "thrillability." I believe that 10 hours would be sufficient time to build a simple thrill ride that would keep the viewing audience interested. The plans would draw up nicely on the board and the overall approach to creating such a ride very entertaining. The possible "ride" designs are endless in my opinion. It could be gravity driven, or engine powered. The final showdown would of course involve one of the team members having to "go for a ride" or even better... a member of the opposite team!

-- Kevin Browm (, February 02, 2001


Even though I think this idea would never make it on the Idea hit me. Make a Hydrolic ride(sorry for spelling) Say they provide a background...with a picture playing. the idea is to create a vehicle..on hydrolics that can be controled be each team member. Example is one would do the up and down motion.the other would do side to side ect.... The judge sits in the contraption, and the team has to try to sycnronize the vehicles motion with the movie playing. IT would actually be safe, and maybe even possible. I've seen these type of rides in malls and stuff. perhaps others know what I'm talking about. So if anything..I bet it would be fun.....just maybe not doable.

-- JunkMan (, February 02, 2001.

A simple ride. tilt a whirl? would be fun.

-- Stephen A. Binion (, February 03, 2001.

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