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I have a few VCD's that I have gotten and I have noticed that they either contain a AVSEQ01.dat in the MPEGAV folder or a music01.dat file. (sometimes they contain multiple .dat's but that is not my concern right now)

I have noticed that I have many problems with the VCD's that contain the music01.dat file and none with the ones that contain the avseq01.dat files. Is there some difference in the way that these are encoded or formatted or ???

I went so far as to make a duplicate of a VCD I have that contains the avseq01.dat files and one that contains the music01.dat file to see if I could find some difference with an editor, however to the best of my knowledge they are the same..

I am trying to play this on both MacOS Based computers and Windows (95/98 and 2000 Pro) machines without success.

Any help or information would be appreciated.



-- Krakatau (, February 02, 2001


White Book specs allow for complete tracks to be identified either as avseqxx.dat or musicxx.dat; no difference as to how they behave.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, February 03, 2001.

Nero gives you avseqxx.dat files while Adaptec Easy CD Creator gives you musicxx.dat files. They should be the same if from the same source but Nero is more tolerant of variations in the multimedia streams but might not play on all CDRom drives or VCD player (not standard). Multiple .dat files meant that there are a few clips on the disc. You can select each by selecting the track(s) on a VCD player or in sequence by selecting .

-- limhh (, February 04, 2001.

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