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Re: Who can travel farthest on a tank of compressed air. I looked a little into this and there are certainly two ways to go about it. It would appear a turbine is more efficient than a motor ( but, as the NERDS can probably attest, bodging a turbine is a tricky proposition.

-- ChanzReed (, February 02, 2001


Perhaps one could use a turbine out of a air tool. I believe air tools have been around longer than electric motors so the motors (turbines) in say a large air drill might do the trick. I don't know how much they value efficeincy but it's worth a try. A narrow toothed belt could be used to couple to a large diameter pulley connected to the spokes on the driven wheel. This pulley could be another smaller bicycle rim with a matching piece of toothed belt bonded to the center of the rim.

-- Lorne Campbell (, February 05, 2001.

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