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I have Pioneer DV-505 DVD player which is VCD compatible. However, I just got my first VCD movie and when I play it I don't see any image nor do I hear sound, the player however "plays" the disk, i.e. it does not reject the disk. Could this simply be because the TV I'm using is not good enough?

-- Robert (, February 02, 2001


It is likely not your TV. I have a Pioneer DC-333 and a very old TV and have successfully played a vcd. I suspect that either the connection from your DVD player to your TV is not good or the particular VCD format is not entirely readable by the DVD player. What do you see on your TV screen if anything? Do you know if your VCD is "White Book" compliant?

-- John (JREDING@USA.NET), February 02, 2001.

The Pioneer 505 is a first-generation DVD set-top that will read VCDs only if they are pressed original; not CD-R/RW. If you try to play such CD-R/RW media, it will either spit it out or attempt to play it as if it were audio CD. No audi/video output, of course, but if it were a movie VCD with just one play item you can verify this is the case because the 505 will correctly detect two tracks.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, February 03, 2001.

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