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Hi I am after a a darkslide for a 5" x 7" Meopta Magnola field camera, my problem is that it does not take a standard 5" x 7" darkslide, if anybody knows where I could find one I would greatly appreciate it. Thankyou in advance Sincerely Stephen Walton

-- Stephen Walton (, February 02, 2001


The Magnola darkslides are rare items even in the 'homeland' of that camera - in the Czech Republic. In the local second-hand camera shops the Magnola film holders get sold usually in a couple of hours. Try free classifieds at (in Czech language, sorry) there is currently a Magnola for sell.

I am also selling my system with 15 holders but unfortunately only as a whole outfit.

-- Ladislav Seredi (, January 16, 2002.

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