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I have been trying to create a SuperVideoCD using TMPGEnc to encode the file and Nero to burn the SVCD.

Everything works up until the point when I try to play it on my DVD player, at which point I get sound but no picture! :( Yes... my DVD player supports both CD-R and SVCD format; I've played many VCDs I've produced, this is my first SVCD attempt.

Can anyone help me out with some tips!? Many thanks!!


-- Nicholas Pappas (, February 01, 2001


Hey hey - someone else experiencing the same problems as me.

I have been doing tests to get a working svcd out of Nero and into my Genica Kalua DVD player (says it plays everything, cd-r/rw, mp3s, 2 mic inputs, gain adjustment, digital and analog output... I love it...mostly). My last set of encoding for svcd were with TMPGEng (that name hurts my brain everytime) and I still get the same results from the player:

three three three copies copies copies

of the background dvd logo in different colors. No sound. Track confusion on the part of the player. really odd. Same with avi2mpg2 and bbMpeg.

my conclusion is that it is nero or the player. Most likely it isn't nero, since so many do so well (?) with it. I am crossing my fingers for a new version with menus, less bugs (?), etc. I am eventually gonna buy some super $ cd-rw 'cause I've noticed people getting better results on these lists. My VCDs are fantastic though! On the crappiest, $.30 cdrs to boot! So I am gonna try and download (on a 33.6 connection) one of the svcd disk images that are floating around the web and give it a try, maybe going as far as buying a movie on svcd just for hoots. I bought a few VCDs from (great guys, fedex from malaysia, vcd artifacts though...$5 ain't bad though.

Boy - I rambled but hope this helps stir up some answers. This list is great...

-- stein (, February 03, 2001.

Nero-created SVCDs have the playable MPEG2 tracks in a folder called MPEG2 by default on versions and below. DVD players that can play CD-R can probably play these tracks handily but look for them in the MPEGAV directory which isn't there, and so just stops. Newer versions of Nero, I'm told, give you the option of choosing MPEGAV or MPEG2 as the name for that particular directory. For other Nero versions that support SVCD, a fix for this is on Ross McCl's site

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, February 04, 2001.

I tried selecting the MPEGAV option (instead of MPEG2) in Nero to no avail -- still no picture. :(

Can someone pass me a program that *will* play MPEG2 encoded files, for sure? This way, at least I can figure out if my MPEG file is not comming out correctly.


-- Nicholas Pappas (, February 04, 2001.

WinDVD is the best SVCD prog floating around, you can download a free trial at First of I would make sure that your DVD player supports SVCD. Second make sure you set your high video bitrate at 2,500 (some say 2,600 but to be sure use 2,500) And don't set your audio to anything higher 224kbit/sec. Also make sure you downsample your audio to 44.1 khz. I'd also sugest doing IVTC on your stream since alot of standalone players don't suport hard 3:2 pulldown. If this isn't making any sense to you, you need to go here <- he has a nice guide on SVCD creation. Good luck, -Jimmy

-- Jimmy (, February 18, 2001.

Im having a problem a bit like that but its with WMP im running XP. Every codec known to man installed and heres what happens. I encode an AVI with Tmpeg plus to SVCD. I try to play it on WMP no video. I play it on a Korean made pc vcd(Software) player it works just fine.

No clue hope someone can help. Peace

-- Mike Closser (, November 16, 2002.

You can burn it as a SVCD in VCDEasy and then do a header trick so it thinks its a VCD when its really a SVCD

-- Julian (, December 16, 2002.

does anyone no whats with my resolution on panicroom.avi 640 x 272 23.379 fps how do i encode that to svcd with out streching it

-- Julian (, December 16, 2002.

All of you on the quest i was on I have your answer. Chances are you been messing around for a while now waiting for someone to spell there knowledge out for you to soak up... Well here it is all you svcd lovers, I got Nero to burn a mpeg2 that i encoded using encoder. I hope all of you will be much better of now. If you appreciate me doing this then dont just say it. Next time you find a way around something on the net post your solution. Knowledge is power and we have no reason to not tell others. Mail me with a thanks and your thoughts. Dont let businesses turn people against people *kidgraphix2004*

-- Drew Dean (, May 08, 2003.

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