Whither Male Bonding?

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I've grown especially close to some of the guys at work. Over time we've given each other nicknames, and talked about a wide variety of subjects, some very personal. One we keep coming back to is politics, because we all share the same conservative views. One day I said, "we need a name", and jokingly suggested the Right Wing Home Boy Gun and Knife Club. That brought a laugh, but it stuck.

This Saturday we're heading out of town with a large collection of guns, and we're going to have a blast, literally, shooting jugs of water and whatever. We're bringing our sons of course, but the funny thing is other men have asked to come along. Our first question: What kind of guns do you have? There seems to be a real desire among some men to get together without our women and be juvenile.

Do you see such bonding activity as wrong? What if a woman or girl wanted to come along? Do men and women need time away with each other, or is that politically incorrect anymore? What type of similar bonding activities do you engage in? What kind of guns do you own? (ha ha)

Pray for my safety Saturday! Nickname: The Reverend

-- Anonymous, February 01, 2001


Rob, I will try to steer my wife away from this topic because she will surely have a "mouthful" to say about the peculiar recreational habits of male homo sapiens :-) As a suggestion you may want to pop in a cassett tape of Jr. Walker's classic R&B song of the 60s "Shotgun" and use this as a theme song. I participate in sporting activities with my male colleauges by way of flag football and basketball. Many of us are married, parents and over 35. We normally come away with limited bumbs and bruises but I did injure my pinky finger several months ago in an impersonation of Karl Malone battling for an offensive rebound. I guess it is a "guy" thing and the significant women in our lives are prone not to understand [LOL].

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2001

A story... A co-worker of mine husband gave his son a gun at seven years old. She did not want him to have it, but he insisted. They were a good Christian family who home schooled their children. The public schools were polluted with people of different religious perspectives and ethnic backgrounds. They kept him isolated from the other children and people, trying to rise in the proper Christian environment. At 15 years old, he took the same gun his father gave him and blew his brains out. His sister now attends public school and his father is not doing too well.

Guns are weapons of mass destruction and should only be used in "life or death" situations. Point, I understand male bonding activities. But there are other activities, which are more edifying for the soul.

I pray that you to find a safer and loving activity for your son.

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2001

I guess there must be something wrong with me because I perfer female bonding. (My wife of course, best friend, lover, mother of my children, the one I go to when I need the human touch, etc.) When my sons and daughters see our relationship, they have amodel for the family. Blessings Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, February 03, 2001

Well, it's Saturday evening and we had a GREAT time! I was especially proud of my 13 year old. He handled the guns safely, and made his dad proud by proving himself a crack shot. Here in Texas that's a badge of honor. We had some powerful stuff out there, and I thought he'd back off after firing a few of those pieces. Some of them knocked him for a loop. But he just chambered another round fired again. He also got his nickname. Since he's the 5th Robert Price in a row we now call him "Yahtzee".

I especially enjoyed the .357 magnum. We were made for each other. They dubbed me the three-fifty-seven reverend. Ha ha! Monday at work should be loud, with many stories and laughs. We bonded. Let the testosterone flow!

-- Anonymous, February 03, 2001

Rob Montana is a state where is hunting is the norm. What is also the norm in this state is "Hunter safety classes for youth", they are taught to respect guns, and how to carry them, and how to keep them locked up. Our youth are taught not to shoot at cans or bottles for one never knows who could be walking in the direction they are shooting. I have lived here nine years and our youth do not get in trouble with guns, and in terms of male bonding, since this is a big hunting state families go out together. I see more male bonding in Montana during fishing and camping trips, and church outings.

-- Anonymous, February 03, 2001

I live in Philidelphia, so I have more of a problem with guns than you western frontier folks. So I will stay away from that subject. But the issue of male bonding is an interesting one. I always think of David and Jonathan in this regard. How you behave on these trips is another issue, but I think the bonding is great. In the end, we all will be one anyway, regardless of gender. We are all (excuse me gentlemen) the bride of Christ, and will be one bride. So bond away.

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2001

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