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whats up? i am currently trying to convert an asf file to either mpeg or avi. Virtual dub (1.3c that supports asf) starts to open the file then stops and says their is something wrong with a packet or something to that extent. The tmpg seemd to open it ok, but said it would take close to 40hours (which is why i was going convert it to avi first).

I dl'ed a small program called "asfcheck" and this says it can fix problems with the file. Well it scans it and it gives me this message "file is either invalid or corrupted". it then says it is "due to the payload overrun bug". Does anyone have any idea what the hell this is? It does play fine, i just cannot seem to convert it. If anyone can help me out it would greatly be apprecciated. thanks

-- DOUG (MAZINZ@AOL.COM), February 01, 2001


donno about that error.. but try this.. open it (asf) in virtual dub, choose the correct aud/vid settings that you want to encode the file to, then, click "file" on the menu bar, and choose "render video".. it will ask you for an output file name. put something like "venc.mpg", or "*.avi" depending on the file type you choose to encode it to; this will make your asf file appear to be a different file format to all other encoding programs., depending on what you choose. you will have a new file with a different name at this time, now keep virtualdub & the render running/open.. then open up tmpgenc, and open the file that virtual dub has created "venc.mpg", and begin encoding thru tmpgenc.. it should encode at approximately the lenght of the asf movie length.. basically, v-dub acts as a filter for the asf to fake out other progs so you can encode .asf's that have attitudes. good luck..

-- bwarehouse (, December 11, 2001.

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