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I was told by some friends that Poe has a famous poem called "The Raisan" and that the poem is one of this best works. The problem is that I have been unable to find the poem anywhere. Could you possibly email the entire poem to me. I love his work and enjoy everything that I read of his.

-- Anonymous, February 01, 2001



There are several of Poe's poems that are considered famous and many that are held in high esteem. Regretfully, there are none by this title. I strongly suspect you are speaking of one of Poe's best known works, "The Raven" but on the off chance, I searched through a canon of his poems located on the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore website.

These also included all those poems that have been accepted as geniune, those that are attributed to him but not proven, those that are doubtful or rejected and several that are questionable. You may search yourself at


-- Anonymous, February 01, 2001

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